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Pre Settlement Funding Colorado can help plaintiffs to gain maximum compensation in order to avoid early settlement. If a plaintiff loses a lawsuit case, he or she does not need to pay the cash back because Pre Settlement Funding Colorado offers pre settlement funding on a non-recourse basis.

The Pre Settlement Funding Colorado suggests evaluating in order to apply for pre-settlement funding which is listed below-

Counseling Costs
Property upkeep related expenses
Living expenses like mortgage related bills
Bills related to medical expenses
Lost wages from loss of job or from protracted work inability.

Our dedicated staff evaluates the plaintiff’s lawsuit case and based on the possibility of its conclusion and value of the lawsuit case we decided payment schedule, when litigation funding application is submitted to Pre Settlement Funding Colorado.

The process of evaluation can take less than 24 hours, it is depend upon how quickly we receive the necessary documentation and information from plaintiff’s attorney.

We offer pre settlement funding for the following different kinds of lawsuit cases which is illustrated below-

Asbestos Cases
Negligence Of Nursing Home
Dog And Animal Bites
Product Liability
Accidents From Bicycle
Aviation Accidents
Personal Injury
Accidents From Bus
Toxic Mold
Accidents From Tractor Trailer
Fall And Slip
Premises Liability
Defective Product
Battery And Assault
Birth Injuries
Wrongful Death

There are following benefits of counting on Pre Settlement Funding Colorado which is listed below-

Offering non-recourse funding for all customers
Plaintiffs will keep informed during the process of pre settlement funding
Plaintiffs will receive cash advance the same day they apply
Flexibility of credit line or lump sum
We can secure faster approvals and competitive rates
Plaintiffs just need to complete an easy and simple online application and our dedicated staffs take care of the rest.

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