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Chula Vista

Settlement funding Chula Vista is a settlement funding given to the people of Chula Vista who contact Lawsuit loan Pre settlement funding to get settlement funding.

Settlement funding can be classified in to two one is Pre settlement funding and another one is post settlement funding.

Generally Lawsuits are not settled within days it takes months and years to get settled. If getting a judgment itself is a tough one how one can easily get the compensation amount, it is highly impossible. Even if it is possible it will not be used in the urgent and critical need.

Advantages of getting Settlement funding

1)By the help of settlement funding not only the plaintiffs are getting benefited but also the attorneys involved in the lawsuit are getting benefited. With the help of the settlement funding plaintiff is paying the attorney.

2)Settlement loan helps in the continuity of the case.

3)The attorney will fight in the court for the compensation and the legal benefits that a plaintiff can get.

4)Settlement Funding Chula Vista is a help in need.

5)Settlement loan is offered on the basis of non recourse loan.

6)The plaintiff can wait for the judgment and the settlement even it takes more than 3 to four years.

7)The time taken to approve a settlement is exceptionally low. This is a great help to the struggling plaintiffs.

Applying for settlement funding

Step 1)

If you are a plaintiff living in the city of Chula Vista then fill the application form which is found online and send it to us, or you can also contact us through a phone call.

Step 2)

After receiving the call or the application form one of our representatives will call you through phone and ask how much money is needed. If at that time you are not aware of the required amount then you can tell about that later. That made the Settlement funding Chula Vista easier.

Step 3)

During the call to you our representative will ask you whether the representative can call the attorney who is involved in your lawsuit. If you agreed then the representative will make a call to your attorney.

Step 4)

Our representative will call you attorney and ask the details about the filed lawsuit and ask the attorney to submit the paper works related with the lawsuits.

Step 5)

When your attorney submits the paper works an underwriter from our company will start analyzing about the case. This work will decide the approval of the case and also tells how much should be given to you as a settlement fund.

Step 6)

When these things come out in success then within 24 hours of time you will receive the money.

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