Settlement Funding Wisconsin offers settlement loans to the plaintiffs who have filed a case against a defendant for the loss incurred because of the defendant. The loss can be in the form of injury or money or even happiness. These would have occurred because of the carelessness of the defendant or the opposite party. If he goes for a lawsuit, it will take a longer time to get settled. Till that a plaintiff has to face his own personal needs, pay bills for the treatment taken and household expenses etc. The plaintiffs borrow money from the lenders in order to face all the needs. When a plaintiff is involved in this situation, he can approach us with pleasure.

Settlement Loans provide loans for the people of Columbia in very low and competitive rates. Within 24 hours, the money will be issued to the plaintiff from the time of application. There are two types of settlement loans. They are pre settlement loans and post settlement loans. Pre settlement Loans are issued to the plaintiff before the case is settled. So that the plaintiff can face his needs. The money is said to be issued on a non recourse basis, which means that the plaintiff can repay the amount only if the case is successful else he need not. And the plaintiff can get the cash within the same day of application.

It is mostly claimed for personal injury cases like slip and fall, accidents, deaths and for fire accident cases. The plaintiffs can get this loan very easily by just filling the form. The plaintiffs can get the form directly from us or he can also make use of the online form which is displayed in the website. As soon as the form is received, our well experienced representative calls the Attorney for gathering the case details and also a plaintiff for clarifying doubts about the case.

To issue the loan, we need not require case details such as credit history of the plaintiff and his financial status. We will consider only the status of the plaintiff and issue the money. We would not see whether the plaintiff has previous settled cases or previous pending cases. The process starts with hiring an Attorney for the case. As the plaintiffs do not have enough experience in law, an Attorney is needed to make the case to win.

The Attorney with good law experience can lead the case of the plaintiff. After submitting the form to us, we will issue a contract in which both the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign. Then the cash will be issued in one day. The money is handled in the form of cash as well as cheque depending upon the choice of the plaintiff. Post settlement funding is applied to the cases for which the lawsuit is already over. The benefits of applying these loans in our company are it is risk free for the plaintiff, less interest and highly competitive rate and it is approved very fast unlike other traditional loans.

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