Carlsbad is an affluent resort city in the State of California, United States of America. Pre Settlement Loans is one of the Lawsuit settlement funding methods. For applying this case, a plaintiff must have a lawsuit for the case which is pending and it must be represented by an Attorney.

Advantages of having an Attorney

Attorney increases the value of the underlying case.
The probability of winning the case also increases.
His support is needed for the Attorney in all aspects of the cases.
Fights for the plaintiff when the case is concluded against him

So, the plaintiffs with the Attorney are considered first. A plaintiff can hire an Attorney at his own cost or from the funds which we give.

The process starts with finding an Attorney. The plaintiff can make use of the online application form or he can get directly from us. The details of the Attorney must be included in the form. So a plaintiff can fill the form with the help of his Attorney. As soon as we receive the form, one of our representatives calls the Attorney for gathering the details about the case. We will also call his Attorney for verifying the case details. After reviewing the documents submitted, we will consider with the team whether to accept the case or deny the case.

If the case is approved, an Agreement will be issued to the Attorney’s office which will consist of all the details about the case, about attorney and the amount with the interest rate. The plaintiff and the Attorney should sign in that which will take it as a sign of acceptance.

We provide pre settlement loans for various cases like car accidents, truck accidents, fire accidents, personal injury cases, property damage, product liability, sexual harassment, employee compensation, legal cases and also for commercial cases.

Facts about our Funding

The case is approved on the same day when applied for this loan.
Risk free for the plaintiffs since they have to repay the loan when the case wins. Else, they need not.
Fastest cash approval.
No credit checks, income verification and salary details.
From the time of approval, the plaintiff can get the cash in hours.
No personal guarantee is needed for the plaintiff.
The members of the plaintiff can also apply for this if he is severely injured.
No need for the plaintiff to pay any amount in the form of monthly installments.
Plaintiff can pay the amount after the case is settled.
Lowest interest rates.

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