Amarillo is the 14th most populous city, in the State of Texas, United States of America. Settlement funding is available to the people of this city and also around that city. While waiting for the Judgment of pending cases, plaintiffs can make this as an option. They are designed in such a way that they help the plaintiff to get relief from the financial burden. All types of lawsuits are accepted by us but the plaintiff should use the correct lawsuit for the case claimed. He cannot use the property damage lawsuit for personal injury cases. And the plaintiff must be very careful about this. This can also be a reason for denying the case.

When a plaintiff is involved in personal injury cases, we offer money for the loss incurred because of the carelessness of the defendant. He can use that money till he recovers from the health or till he gets a job in case of losing the job because of the accident. Cases which involve slip, fall or injuries at the construction site due to the recklessness of the owner can also be applied for this funding. We are here to help the plaintiff in the medical expenses till he becomes normal. We help the plaintiff for the time that is also wasted due to an injury.

Non-Recourse nature

If the claimant or the lawsuit of the plaintiff does not win, then the plaintiff has no need to repay the amount borrowed. If the claimant or the lawsuit is successful, he has to repay the amount with the interest rate. The interest rate will be very less when compared to other institutions. The plaintiff has no risks in settling the amount. He has to repay only if the case wins.

No restriction on usage of money

The company does not provide any restriction on spending the money. The plaintiff can think that money as his own money and he can use it for hospital expenses, medical expenses, for his personal purposes and also for his family members. We understand the situation and provide him with the money he requested.

Excellent Team

As soon as the form is submitted by the plaintiff, our underwriters verify the case. They will check whether the reason is valid or not. They will also check for the documents provided by the plaintiff. If the reason is valid, they will approve the case with no issues. We have an excellent team of underwriters who understand the situation of the plaintiff much better and provide him with the money he requested based on the case.

Agreement basis

Once the case is accepted, we will fax an Agreement to the Attorney’s office and both the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign in that. We will consider this as a sign of acceptance. The interest rates to be paid by the plaintiff will also be included in the agreement.

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