About us

About us

We are a team of professionals who provides pre settlement funding for the people when they are in need. We help them financially so that with that money they can able to pay their pending medical bills, hospital expenses, daily household expenses etc. We provide them money with the help of their Attorney through the help of some third party agencies. If a plaintiff got involved in an accident or some injuries, if he applies for a personal injury loan, it may take several days, months or even years to get settled. Till that he has to run his family, buy clothes, food, pay electricity bills, house expenses etc. This situation will be very crucial if that plaintiff is the head of his family.

Funding companies review your situation and even if it is urgent, the case will be in a pending state. You have to provide the money borrowed within that stipulated period of time. If the plaintiff makes use of our Lawsuit Loans Pre settlement funding, we will provide him with money within hours from the type of approval. There is no need for formalities like a credit card check, bank account balance check, employee check etc. If the plaintiff wins the case, he has to settle the money after the case settled. If the case does not win, he need not pay us anything.
We offer pre settlement funding for personal injury cases like medical malpractice, road accidents, car accidents, unexpected death and also for animal bites and fire accidents. If the reason for the case is valid, we will approve the loan. The plaintiff can spend this money for any purposes. The money can be spent for paying bills, paying hospital bills, electricity bills, school fee for children, medical expenses etc.

We are one of the oldest and most eminent financing companies in the country. For the past ten years, we have helped a lot number of people to settle their cases and to provide them with money. We have an experienced team of professionals who understands the situation of the plaintiff better and do the correct thing at the correct time. Our low interest rates, quick process and faster settlements have attracted many people towards us. Not only for individuals, we have given loans for some companies to help them restart their business from fire accidents, property damage etc.

All you have to do to get the benefits of our funding is very simple. You have to fill an application form which is available in banks and also it is available online. The plaintiff has to fill his personal details, case details and Attorney’s details. After the form is submitted, we will call the plaintiff to discuss about the case in detail. We also call the Attorney for verifying the case. The plaintiff has to provide original documents for the purpose of verification. After all the verifications are made, a contract is made between the plaintiff and the money lender, which has to be signed by both the plaintiff and the Attorney and it consists of details like nature of the case, the amount requested and the amount granted with the interest rate etc. Once it is approved, the amount will be received in hours.

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