Cambridge is a city in Middlesex country, in the State of Massachusetts, United States of America. Legal funding is provided to the people of that city and the surrounding parts around that city. There are a number of people who are involved in personal injuries per year. If a plaintiff is involved in an accident, there is a chance of him losing the job. At that time the plaintiff felt much harder to face the financial situation. When a plaintiff is involved in these cases, they can approach our funding which is almost risk free.

What the plaintiffs should do?

The plaintiff can make use of the application form which is also available online as well.
Entering all the details in the form with the help of an Attorney.
Submitting all the original documents needed for the case on demand.
Responding when our representative calls the plaintiff to get details about the case.

What we will do?

Verifying the details present in the application form.
Checking the documents provided by the plaintiff.
Contacting over the phone to the Attorney for getting details about the case.
Contacting the Attorney of the plaintiff for verification about the case.
Discussing the merits of the case with the team members.
Accepting or denying the case based on the merits of the case.
Funding the money to the plaintiff’s account directly.

If the case is accepted, then we will issue an Agreement to the Attorney’s office in which both the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign. Then the money will be issued within hours.

Benefits with our funding

If the plaintiff’s Attorney wins the case, then the plaintiff can pay the money with interest as mentioned in the Agreement.
If the case does not win, then the plaintiff has no need to repay the amount borrowed. He can keep it with him.
The money can be spent for personal purposes and also for daily household expenses.
With this money, a plaintiff can settle all the previous debts.
No risks for the plaintiff about settling the amount.
Privacy of the plaintiff is considered important.
Lawsuits which are claimed for personal injury cases take less time to settle than the lawsuits claimed for commercial cases.
Fastest way of getting the amount when needed.
No need for credit check and for salary details of the plaintiff.
Can be used for all types of cases.
All types of lawsuits are accepted by us.

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