Pre settlement funding Michigan offers pre settlement loans to the people of Michigan, United States of America. It is one of the two lawsuit settlement methods which is claimed during the process of the case and the cash amount is settled before the judgment of the case. We offer these types of loans depending on the case of the plaintiff which is in pending state or in settling states. Even if the settlement is very low than expected, the plaintiff has to pay that amount to the company which is highly beneficial.

If any plaintiff is in need of money, he can contact us without hesitation. Or an Attorney can also suggest the plaintiff. We will consider the case and contact the lawyer for getting details about the case and he should be kept informed about the case. The plaintiff’s first and foremost duty is to inform about the case details to the Attorney. We will ask some questions based on your case details and the plaintiff has to answer and clarify all our queries. Based on the information provided, we provide the plaintiff with an amount which will be greater than he suggested.

If a plaintiff goes for a lawsuit, it may take a longer time to get settled. It will reduce the amount of money paid by the client. To utilize this funding, a plaintiff should have a strong reason for the lawsuit and an Attorney to represent his case. Plaintiffs without Attorney would not be considered for the loan. Those plaintiffs with strong reasons are considered else we would reject the application form of the plaintiff. Both individuals and Companies can get benefitted from this scheme. We have offered loans to many people. Many people have got benefited from our scheme.

Lawsuit Loans are called non recourse loans because if a plaintiff has no chance of winning the case, he need not pay the amount borrowed from the company. He can keep the amount to himself and can use it for all his immediate expenses. A plaintiff has to repay only if the case wins with the interest rate for that amount borrowed. Till the case is settled, he need not repay any money to the company or to the Attorney. He can settle all the money after the judgment of the case. The Attorney should not lend money to the plaintiff during the case process.

If you are involved in an accident, and waiting for the result you can approach us. Even if your insurance for the case, you will only get less wages for the loss occurred. The special benefit of our scheme is its straightforwardness. You need not to wait for a long time till the case is settled. You can get the money after receiving the agreement. This makes our funding more special than others. When a plaintiff is involved in such types of cases and the court is dragging the case for judgment he can approach us today and he can make money tomorrow.

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