How To Avail Pre Settlement Funding

How To Avail Pre Settlement Funding

If you are waiting for a lawsuit that is in pending state or a lawsuit that is not settled, you can approach us for Pre Settlement Funding. It is nothing but providing the cash amount before the case is settled. If we wait for the case to get settled, it may take several months or even years. Till that a plaintiff has to run his family and solve all his expenses. At that time, he can make use of this funding. You will receive cash amount depending on the claim.

Pre Settlement Funding works as follows: There will be many lenders to lend money for your case claimed and the plaintiff can choose his lender by consulting with his Attorney. The Attorney must be directly involved in the case. According to the lender selected, the plaintiff will receive the whole amount or the amount which is decided by his lender. Some may get the whole amount requested while some may get 10% less than what they expected. That differs from plaintiff to plaintiff and also according to company norms. If the case wins, the plaintiff can use this money to pay to the Attorney etc.

Our company does not provide any restriction on spending the money. The plaintiff can use that money for his own use. He can use that to settle pending medical bills, hospital bills in case of injury cases. And also he can use the amount for his family. Thus, we reduce the burden of the plaintiff and his family. The only requirements for this funding are that the plaintiff should have a correct reason for the claim and an Attorney, who supports the plaintiff during the case and till the case gets settled. However, the reason should be valid.

The advantages with this funding are there is no credit check, no employee verification and no bank balance check for the loan approval. The plaintiffs need not pay any money on a monthly basis till the case gets resolved. After the settlement of the case, he can pay the Attorney. It is the easiest form of getting the money. The loan will be getting in a few hours after approval. The plaintiff has to fill an application form which is available in banks or the plaintiffs can get from us directly at hand. It is also made available online.

After submitting the form with all necessary details and Attorney’s details, our employee will contact you for clarifying the case doubts in detail. With your permission, we also call the Attorney for verifying the case. The Attorney has to be informed about the case. Then a contract is faxed to the Attorney’s office. Both plaintiff and his Attorney have to sign on a contract which will be in the form of an agreement and it contains the details of the case, amount requested, amount sanctioned with the interest rate. After submitting the contract, our underwriters verify and approve the loan in a day or two.

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