Its Time To Get Pre Settlement Funding

Its Time To Get Pre Settlement Funding

Pre Settlement funding is a lawsuit funding. It is a settlement funding which is contrasted with the post settlement funding. In the pre settlement funding the plaintiff who has filed a lawsuit in the civil court and waiting for the judgment will claim a lawsuit loan from a lawsuit loan providing company. So the pre settlement funding can also be called as the lawsuit cash advance. Cash in advance before the case comes to a conclusion.
Pre settlement funding granted by our company is a life saver for the plaintiff who is in a dire need of cash. These settlement funding can be used to pay vehicle bills, credit card balances , household bills and any other expenses the plaintiff may find very hard to maintain while waiting for the judgment of the lawsuit.

And lawsuit loan we offer is completely not like a conventional loan that must be repaid to the bank. If there is no compensation upcoming from the case, the lawsuit loan does not have to be paid back to our company. The Pre Settlement funding contributor takes all the risk and profits only if there is a settlement of the lawsuit. Any type of amount can be given by us to the plaintiff. If the plaintiff needed a huge amount then the plaintiff can get a huge amount from us. And if the plaintiff needed a less amount the plaintiff can get it from us.

We offer the most competitive rate when compared with any other funding organizations. We give a very quick approval and the money is sent through online within 24 hours after the approval. Pre settlement funding is not a loan but a cash advance. We do not ask for a personal guarantee. The only persons to sign the agreement is the plaintiff and the attorney related to the lawsuit. We don’t take any kind of hidden fees, upfront fee, monthly fee or any sort of fee like other funding companies take.

The judgment of the lawsuit is unsure. It may be in favor of the plaintiff as well as not favor to the plaintiff. So it is good to get a lawsuit loan from us when there is no risk and it takes away the economic stress. When the case is settled in favor of the plaintiff the money must be repaid by the attorney with the settlement from the defendant.

Our company keeps the transaction in a very confidential manner. Nobody can know the transaction as the people involved in the pre settlement funding are the plaintiff, the attorney and the funding company. Our company will never restrict how to use the pre settlement funding. It is the wish of the plaintiff. The plaintiff can spend the money for anything the plaintiff is in need of. The plaintiff can spend the money to pay the house rent expenses, vehicle bills, family expenses and for whatever need. So approach us and get the benefit from the pre settlement funding approved by us.

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