Abilene is a city in Texas, United States of America. People in that city can apply for a lawsuit loan if they have a pending lawsuit that has to be settled. They are not loans actually. They can be correctly said as cash advances for the pending lawsuits. With the help of that money, a plaintiff can use it for the fee of the Attorney, court fee and also for his personal purposes. We provide loans within 24 hours so that the plaintiff need not wait for a long time for getting the loan from us.

The process of our lawsuit loan is very simple.

The online application which is available on the website has to be filled by the plaintiff.
As soon as the form is received, one of our experienced employees call the plaintiff to get the details about the case.
After analyzing the case details with our members, we can accept or deny the case.
If the case is accepted, we will send a contract to the Attorney’s office in which both the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign.
The plaintiff can get the money within hours after approval.

Apart from personal injury cases, we offer loans for the cases like

Dog bites
Labor law
Medical malpractice
Divorce cases
Slip and Fall
All types of discrimination
Surgery funding
Wrongful Death
Breach of contract
Sexual harassment
Legal cases

Advantages with our loan:

If the plaintiff is severely injured, then one of the members of his family can fill the application form and send to us.
There is no risk involved in this loan. If the plaintiff does not win the case, then he owes us nothing.
He can pay the Attorney and the company after the Judgment of the case.
This is the fastest way of getting the money when needed.
We do not employ checks before funding.
These loans differ from traditional loans.
Loans need not be repaid, if the case does not win.
The plaintiff can get from 500 dollars to 500000 dollars per day.
No restriction on usage of money.
The plaintiff can use this money to settle all the previous debts which he has.
The plaintiff can pay the Attorney and the company only after the case is settled.
We provide loans with lesser interest rates.
Plaintiffs can get the loans within hours from the time of approval.

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