Lawsuit loan is a loan provided by the lawsuit funding company when a plaintiff contact Lawsuit loan Pre settlement funding after filing a case in the court.

Any person from Athens who has filed a case with the help of an attorney is eligible to get Lawsuit loan Athens.

The eligibility criteria that the company has set for the plaintiffs to get lawsuit loan are:

1)The plaintiff must have hired an attorney

2)The plaintiff must have the proof that a case is filed in a court.

When the plaintiff has the above two eligibilities, then he can contact Lawsuit loan Pre settlement funding to get Lawsuit Loan Athens.

The plaintiff can contact by calling for the phone number available on the site or also he can fill and send the online form. Our representatives will contact as soon as they received the call or within an hour or the same day.

Then the plaintiff and the attorney must submit all the paperwork related to the lawsuit. When it is submitted the underwriting process of the papers will take place for two to three days. Once the process is finished the probability of winning the case will be found.

On the basis of the result of the underwriting process the company will decide how much amount of money can be given as lawsuit loan. Getting lawsuit loan Athens is a beneficial one to the plaintiff as well as the attorney.

The benefits of getting a Lawsuit Loan are as follows:

The plaintiff can be stress free, as the major problem of money will be solved by the lawsuit loan.
The plaintiff can file a lawsuit, some plaintiffs considering the lawsuit as a waste of money and time they will not file a lawsuit. This can be solved here.
The attorney can continue the case since the lawsuits are highly expensive.
There is no need to withdraw the case before getting a conclusion.
The plaintiff can use the money for various things.
The lawsuit loan will make the plaintiff to wait for some more time to get the deserved settlement.

The benefits of getting Lawsuit loan Athens from Lawsuit loan Pre settlement funding are as follows:

1)We give loans on the form of “Non Recourse” loan.

2)The plaintiff need not pay an application fee, processing fee any hidden fee to us.

3)We do not charge a monthly fee.

4)The very low rate of interest is charged when the plaintiff wins the case.

5)The plaintiff can repay the company equal to the amount of what he received from the defendant. Nothing more than that is expected.

6)Money is sent within 24 hours of the approval.

Thus these are the advantages that Lawsuit loan Pre settlement funding offers to the plaintiffs of Athens.

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