apply lawsuit loans

apply lawsuit loans

Lawsuit loans are the loans by which an appellant gets his loan from a third party company. The lender pays some cash to the applicant for the lawsuit he claimed. The process of applying lawsuit loans is very simple. The steps are as follows: The plaintiffs can fill the form in the website or he can get it from the nearby banks and also from us. The application form contains basic details like Name, Address, City, State, Pin code, Phone number and Email address.

Each plaintiff must be represented by an Attorney. An Attorney is the only person to fight for the plaintiff during the case judgment. He is the person legally appointed by the plaintiff. If you have any problems in finding a right Attorney, we will make you to find one.

The Attorney’s information is also included in the application form. The plaintiff should know about the basic details of the Attorney like name, address, phone number and email id. The details of the case must be filled in the application form including the date of the accident if it is applied under accidents category. The amount claimed is also mandatory. You can discuss the case with your Attorney so that he can provide you with some legal advice as he has seen so many cases. The Attorney’s office phone and fax number are also included in the application form as we call the Attorney for payment details and we send all agreements and contracts to his office.

The minimum requirements needed for a plaintiff are the correct reason for a lawsuit claim and an Attorney. We provide loans for the cases like animal injuries, commercial cases, personal injury and slip and fall. If you have any questions to be asked, you can also call us at our toll free number which is available in the website. Once you submit the application, you call your attorney and give him permission to talk about your case. The applicant is kept informed about the process going on.

After we receive the application, one of our representatives will call the plaintiff to get the complete details about the case for which you have applied for. We also call the Attorney for further information and we get some original documents about the case like police reports, medical bills, FIR report and medical reports. Our reviewing department will verify all the documents provided and the case is brought forth to the underwriting department. They will verify the document details and make a report what type of lawsuit can be applied to this case and how much amount can be claimed. Make sure that the telephone number you have provided is correct else the application will get delayed.

We respect the privacy of the plaintiff and all the information above the plaintiff is kept true. Then an agreement is faxed to the Attorney’s office which includes case details, documents provided and the amount sanctioned with interest rates. Both the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign in that agreement and after submitting the agreement to us, the cash will be provided within a day or two.

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