The canton is a charter township of Michigan State, United States of America. Settlement Funding is more common in the US. But in the city of Canton, it is easy to get the funding. The plaintiffs can apply for this funding but they should have a lawsuit that must be represented by an Attorney. The lawsuits can be previously settled or they can also be in the pending state. Before applying for the lawsuit, the plaintiff should file the case in the civil court.

There are two types of settlement funding. One is pre settlement funding and the other one is post settlement funding.

Pre Settlement Funding – The funds are issued before the settlement of the case and the plaintiff can use for continuing the case.

Post Settlement Funding – The funds are issued after the settlement of the case and the plaintiff can use these funds to pay the bills at the hospital, pay for the Attorney and the court fee etc.

Why settlement funding?

When a plaintiff is involved in a personal injury or accident case and he applies for a lawsuit to get rid from that case. A lawsuit can take many days, months or even years to get settled. Till that a plaintiff has to solve all his medical expenses, bills at the hospital and also he has to pay for his daily expenses. If that plaintiff is the head of the family, then this condition becomes very worse. He has to look after his family members too. To get rid of this problem, he can apply for our funding. We will provide the plaintiff with the cash before the settlement of the case. So, he can use for any purpose he wants.

Not like traditional loans

If the plaintiff wins the case, i.e. If the lawsuit by the plaintiff wins he can repay the money with interest rate. If the plaintiff’s lawsuit does not win the case, then the plaintiff has no need to settle any amount to the company or to the Attorney. There are no monthly payments made by the plaintiff till the case is settled.


Our Company’s representative speaks with the Attorney of the plaintiff to get the details about the case.
Discussing the case with the team members to know whether the case is worthy or not.
If the case is worthy, then it is approved as soon as possible.
Issuing of the Agreement to the plaintiff and it will consist of all the details about the case, Attorney and also the amount sanctioned with the interest rates.
Funding in the amount of the plaintiff’s account through net banking.

Settlement Funding requires no application fee for the form issued and there is no upfront fee paid to the Attorney. There is no risk to the plaintiff about settling the amount. The funds are almost issued in a day. Contact us today for your riskless cash today!!!

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