Pre Settlement Funding Interest Rates

Pre Settlement Funding Interest Rates

Pre Settlement Funding is the cash amount given to the litigants before the case is settled. This helps plaintiffs to solve their financial needs, daily expenses, unexpected expenses etc. If he goes for a lawsuit, the case will get resolved in several months or even years. Till that a plaintiff can’t wait. So he can use our funding. If the plaintiff losses the case, there is no need that he should repay the amount. The Attorney fees only required to be pay by the plaintiffs . If the case is concluded against the opposite party, then the amount borrowed has to be settled which can be done after the judgment of the case. The other names for this funding are legal finance or lawsuit loan.

The Attorneys can also get benefitted by our scheme. There is no fee for the Attorney and he gets some share for maximum value of lawsuit. He is helped indirectly by the companies. With the money he get, he can use for his business. And also, if the case is won, the Attorney will also get some name and more applicants approach us in the future. The Attorney has an option of filtering the cases according to the priority. This does not mean that some cases are less in priority and he can choose which case to take first etc. The Attorney can charge up to 20 – 30 % depending on the type of case involved.

If the plaintiff does not win the case, the Attorney is not paid but if the case wins, the Attorney is the first person to get paid. The reason for the people getting this funding are the interest rates are very low as much as 1% if the case is approved. The approval process is much fast than other companies do. All type of lawsuits is accepted. The Attorney works directly with the plaintiff so that there is no need for under handing the money. The plaintiff can ask any doubts to the Attorney.

If the case is won, the plaintiff will be asked to pay the amount with an interest rate of 1%. This is an added advantage for the plaintiff. The interest rates vary from 1% to 3%.It’s all depend upon the nature of the lawsuit case which is claimed. If the claim is small then we will charge an interest rate of 3%. For big claims, the interest rate of 1% is charged to the plaintiff. We consider the welfare and privacy of the plaintiff.

The lawsuit claimed for a commercial case like employee harassment, legal or civil cases takes a longer time to settle than that of the lawsuit claimed for personal injury cases like accidents, death or animal bites etc. The company first checks for your form submitted and verify the case with our employees. After all verifications are over, we will provide you with a cash advance. The advance has to be paid back after the settlement of the case which may take some months or years. Till that, we wait for the money settlement. One should not apply for more than one financing companies at a time else it will be denied by all.

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