Lawsuit loan Chandler is a cash advance provided to the plaintiffs all over the city of Chandler by Lawsuit loan Pre settlement funding.

Lawsuit loan is a credit given to the plaintiff who has filed a case against an individual or a company or a group of people for the bad things happened to the plaintiff. Lawsuit loan is not a loan but a credit given to the plaintiff after filing a case.

A lawsuit loan is a non recourse loan, which means no win in the lawsuit then no pay to the company.

Lawsuit loan Chandler is issued for the following factors.

1) Physical injury lawsuits:

Physical injury lawsuits are the common lawsuits, it is claimed often. When a person is injured by an external force that is by an individual defendant, or by a group of people or by an animal bite physical injury lawsuit can be filed and lawsuit loan for physical injury can be claimed from Law suit loan Pre settlement funding.

The injuries come under Personal injury cases are:

1)Animal or dog bites

2)Brain injury

3)Birth injury

4)Pedestrian injury

5)Bicycle injury

6)Auto accidents

7)Bus accidents

8)Car accidents

9)Wrongful deaths

10)Catastrophic injury

11)Slip and fall


These are general physical injuries and these are not the only limited cases but these are included

2) Commercial lawsuits

Lawsuit loan Pre Settlement Funding also gives Commercial Lawsuit loans on the basis of Lawsuit Loan Chandler for the people in the city of Chandler.

In the commercial lawsuit a person or a business entity will file a case against an individual or another business concern for the loss happened to the individual or another business entity.

The kinds of commercial lawsuits are as follows


2)Breach of contract



5)Real estates dispute

6)Environmental litigation

7)Securities fraud

These are included in the commercial lawsuits and this doesn’t mean that these are the only things that can be used to claim commercial lawsuits

Basically lawsuit loan can be classified into four categories

They are:

1)Pre settlement funding

2)Post settlement funding

3)Structured funding and

4)Attorney funding

I.Pre settlement Funding

Lawsuit loan Pre settlement funding approves Pre settlement funding for the personal injury lawsuits as well as the commercial lawsuits. When plaintiff has filed a lawsuit in one of those two they can approach our company to get Pre settlement funding.

II.Post settlement funding

For Lawsuit loan Chandler Post settlement funding is also issued.

III.Structured funding

For lawsuit loan the amount can be approved in a periodical basis which means the loan can be given over a period of time.

IV.Attorney funding

This is given to the attorney; this helps the attorney to make his company grow.

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