Pre Settlement Funding With 24/7

Pre Settlement Funding With 24/7

Pre Settlement Funding refers to the amount given to the plaintiff before the case got resolved. It is settled before the case. So it is named so. If a plaintiff is waiting for the result in personal injury cases, we will help him with the cash immediately. So many people have got benefitted by this funding. We have helped people to pay their settled bills, Attorney fee and other miscellaneous expenses etc. Whatever the result of the case may be, whether it may be an accident or animal bites, we will provide the money for the case.

It is not actually a loan. The loans have to be settled by the borrower within that particular amount of time. But here, there is no time restriction of settling the money. The money can be settled after the case is settled. We won’t employ any bank balance checks, credit card checks, employee check, assets check etc. Some financial companies employ this type of checks and they check whether the cash flow was maintained or not at the time of lending the money. There is a chance for the money to get delayed because of these checks. We understand the situation and provide you with money quickly.

The plaintiff has to settle the money only if the case wins. If the case does not win, there is no need for the plaintiff to settle the money back and he can keep the money to himself and we would be very thankful to the plaintiff as they gave reason to help them. This is another advantage for the plaintiff. There is no risk for the plaintiff while borrowing the money. We take all the risks on behalf of the plaintiff. The plaintiff must have two things for the consideration.

First the reason of the case should be strong and valid. We won’t give loans for the cases whose reason are not valid and strong. And the second important thing is that the plaintiff should have an Attorney so that he can be represented by the Attorney which adds another advantage in the case. If you could not get a correct Attorney, no problem we will refer you to the Attorneys since we know many.

The applicant has to submit the form which is also available online and all the details about the plaintiff and the Attorney should be filled in that paper. After submitting, we will verify your original documents and review the nature of the case. If the case is considered worthy of us, we will call the plaintiff and the Attorney for clarifying the doubts about the case. The Attorney should be kept informed about the case and its consequences. After that a contract is faxed to the Attorney’s office which will contain the details about the case, documents provided, amount claimed with the interest rate. There is no time limit for the plaintiff to get the money. It is available in all seven days of a week and all the 52 weeks of a year. The applicant can make use of this funding whenever needed.

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