Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Lawsuit Funding is more common in the state of Rhode Island, United States of America. We will provide loans for the pending lawsuits to the plaintiff. For that they should have a lawsuit, which must be in a pending state. Some of the common terms used for this are lawsuit loans, litigation funding or cash advances. These differ much from that of the normal loans. Normal loans have to be repaid at any time irrespective of the cause. But these loans are non repayable in nature. The plaintiffs must pay the amount back only if the case wins or the lawsuit is successful. Else he need not pay any amount back to the company or the Attorney.

The lawsuit funding consists of some procedures to be followed with. The plaintiff has to apply for funding either in online or he can get the form directly from us. There is no money for the application fee involved. This is another advantage for the plaintiff. We will evaluate your case after we receive the application form. If the reason is really true, we will provide you with the money on the same day itself. You can judge whether you are eligible for Lawsuit Funding Rhode Island or not.

Just applying the form is the one and only thing done by the plaintiff. The rest things will be taken care by us. For verifying the details about the case, we will contact your Attorney based on the information you provided in the form. The Attorney must be kept informed about the process and the details of the case. That it would be easy for us to clarify the doubts with the Attorney. We work directly with the Attorney, if any plaintiff has any queries, he can ask his Attorney without hesitation.

The Attorney contacts you to get permission to provide us with the necessary documents needed. You have to grant the permission to the Attorney for clarifying the case details. Once permission is granted, we will maintain some confidentiality for your information provided and your case will be given more importance than the other cases. Our underwriters review the documents provided for the case approval. We send an Agreement to the Attorney’s office in which both the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign which we will take as a sign of acceptance. The Agreement contains all the details necessary for the case with the Attorney’s information and the amount borrowed with the interest rate.

Once we receive the Agreement, we will send the amount to the Attorney’s account. The money will be available in the form of cash or cheque which is decided by the plaintiff. The payment is done via wireless transfer. The plaintiffs can contact us any time for applying the lawsuit loans. We have a trained team of employees who understand the situation of the plaintiffs better and provide with the loan that they requested within the correct time and as soon as possible. There is no time limit for getting the loan. The plaintiffs can get whenever they wanted.

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