Get Lawsuit Loans

Get Lawsuit Loans

There is a procedure in getting a lawsuit loan from us. This contains some following steps

Step One:

The plaintiff who is above the age of 18 and in a good mental health can apply for the lawsuit loan. If a plaintiff being injured by an animal or dog bites, auto accidents, brain injury, wrongful death, age and race discrimination and many other things which affect the peace and life of the plaintiff then that is enough to apply for the lawsuit loan. Then the plaintiff should have filed a case against the defendant in a civil court and that must be represented by an attorney. If a plaintiff has all those above said qualifications then the plaintiff can send us the application form available online. The application form contains all the related details needed to claim the lawsuit loan.

Step Two:

When we receive the application form from the plaintiff any of our representatives will call through the phone and ask the details. They will ask how much money the plaintiff is in need of. Then after the discussion with the plaintiff the representative will ask the plaintiff whether they can call their attorney. If they give approval to call the attorney then the representative will call the attorney and will discuss with the attorney. During this discussion the representatives from our side will definitely find the actual lawsuit.

Step three:

After finishing all those discussions with the plaintiff and the attorney the representatives will call both of them to the company and will ask them to submit the records and documents related to the case. They both need to submit the records such as police reports, medical bills, scan reports, medical reports and if the case is for a breach contract then the contract document and some business related documents.

Step four:

When the plaintiff and the attorney submit the details, then the underwriter from our company will analyze the case thoroughly and find the actual process of the case and how much does the case worth and the probability of winning the case. During this process the approval for the lawsuit loan will be finalized. During this underwriting process the underwriter or the representative from our company will call the plaintiff and the attorney when there arise doubts. So that the doubts can be clarified.

Step five:

After all the procedure’s end without any problem, then the company will send an agreement to the plaintiff and the attorney to be signed. This company agreement is referred as a funding agreement. The agreement contains some terms and conditions in issuing the Lawsuit Loan. After reading all those conditions and discussing with the attorney if the plaintiff agrees to the terms and conditi0ons of our company then both the plaintiff and the attorney must sign in the agreement. After finishing the signing process and sending the agreement to us. We issue the money within the next 24 hours. It is sent through online. And it is easy and risk free one.

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