Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in the State of Iowa, United States of America. When a plaintiff is involved in any accidents, it will be very hard for the plaintiff to pay all the bills at the hospital. If the plaintiff is the head of the family, then this situation will be very crucial. He can overcome all the problems with a loan called Settlement Loan. These loans are offered to the people of Cedar Rapids and also for the people around that city. These loans can pay your hospital bills, medical bills, car and home payments and also it can be used for daily expenses.

A settlement loan provider gives you the loan based on the merits of your lawsuit and the duration of the case. There is no eligibility criterion to apply for the settlement loans. The only requirement is that a plaintiff should have a lawsuit for either pending or ongoing state and that must be represented by an Attorney. Any lawsuit without an Attorney might not be considered by us. The Attorney can increase the value of the case as he has enough experience in law.

Benefits of our loan

These loans are non resource loans which mean that if the plaintiff’s lawsuit is not successful, then the plaintiff need not repay the money borrowed.
Highly advantageous to the plaintiff because of its nature.
No need for any personal guarantee for getting this loan.
Not like traditional loans
Credit check, employee details and financial status of the employee are not considered.
Receive your money within a day whatever may be the reason but the reason should be valid and strong enough.
No need to maintain any cash flow while applying for the loan.
If the plaintiff is injured severely, his family members can also apply instead of the plaintiff.
Plaintiffs can get the money in the form of cash as well as cheque.

The plaintiff can make use of the application form available in the online or he can also get directly from us. As soon as we receive the application form, we will call the plaintiff to get the details about the case and also the Attorney. The plaintiff should answer to all our questions. We will discuss the case with our team members on approving the case or denying the case. If the reason is valid and strong enough, we will accept the case as soon as possible and the plaintiff can receive the cash within hours.

The plaintiffs can contact us if they are involved in any one of the cases like Assault and battery, TVM cases, automobile accidents, animal or dog bites, all types of injuries, drug and pharmacy cases, slip and fall and also for wrongful deaths. Contact us today for your cash today !!!

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