Get Pre Settlement Funding

Get Pre Settlement Funding

If a plaintiff involved in any of the following lawsuits: all kind of injury cases, personal injuries, construction malpractice, patent infringement, medical malpractice , legal malpractice , race discrimination, whistle blower , employment discrimination, breach of contract, age discrimination, product liability, breach of contract, Mesothelioma, negligence, workers compensation, fraud, civil rights, worker’s compensation all wrongful deaths, commercial litigation and if an attorney represents for the plaintiff in the court then the plaintiff is eligible to get lawsuit loans. To file a lawsuit the court has a set a regulation of that the plaintiff should have completed eighteen years and must be in a good mental health. Generally pre settlement funding is claiming a lawsuit loan after the lawsuit is filed in the court and still waiting for the judgement.

To get a pre settlement funding from our financing company just calling us through phone or mailing us, or filling and sending the form available in the website is enough. It is not legal for an attorney to help the plaintiff through finance approaching us for the pre settlement funding is a good one. The lawsuit loan we offer is not like a classical loan. We will not expect the plaintiff who did not win the lawsuit to repay the lawsuit loan to us. So the plaintiff need not worry to get lawsuit loan from us.

Pre settlement t funding does not rely on good credit or employment history of the plaintiff. The plaintiffs employment or salary is not going to decide the pre settlement funding. All our company need is a true lawsuit supported by an attorney.

When a plaintiff fills and sends the form for the lawsuit through the online then as soon as we get the form about claiming the lawsuit then representatives of our company will call to the plaintiff to through the phone. The call is to make some clarifications about the money the plaintiff is in need of. The plaintiff may or may not be sure at that time. Then the representative will get the approval from the plaintiff to talk with the attorney to discuss about the legal matters. After discussing with both the plaintiff and the attorney the representatives will ask them to submit the reports related to the lawsuit. The reports are police records, medical records, bills, scan reports, all all related reports of the lawsuit.

When the needed records are submitted by the plaintiff and the attorney then the underwriter of our company will start analyzing those records. And during the progression the underwriter will often call the plaintiff and the attorney to clarify some doubts. During the groundwork the worth of the case and the probability of winning the case can be found. So the company will decide how much amount can be provided to the lawsuit. Then a funding agreement will be sent from our company. The plaintiff and the attorney need to sign the agreement in order to get the lawsuit loan. After that we will provide the lawsuit loan in 24 hours.

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