Cape Coral

Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a Municipality located in Lee Country, Florida State, United States of America. Lawsuit Advances are actually cash advances given to the people who have a pending lawsuit. It is designed to help people who wait for months or years to get the settlement. These loans are not called real loans. If your lawsuit wins successfully, you can repay the money. Else, the plaintiff owes us nothing. Unlike normal loans, there is no credit check; you need not meet any specific employment or salary requirements. Traditional loans need to be paid within the correct time. Here, if your case wins, you can repay the money else you need not.

Lawsuit Advances are very similar to an unsecured loan but it is very different from the traditional loans. We will not check whether the plaintiff has previously settled lawsuits or previously pending lawsuits. We will consider only the plaintiff’s current situation. We will consider the case and provide him with money he requested for that lawsuit. Many plaintiffs use these advances for personal injury cases. But we also provide loans for

Daily expenses
Medical malpractice
Auto accidents
Property damage
Fire accidents
Labor law
Product reliability
Vehicle replacement
Paying medical bills
Workers compensation
Wrongful deaths
Surgery funding
Petroleum funding
Dog bites
Seaman’s claims
Sexual harassment
Divorce cases

If a plaintiff has involved in any one and waiting for the settlement, he can approach us today without hesitation. The procedures to be followed by the plaintiffs while applying are

The plaintiff can make use of the application form which is available in online.
Correct details should be entered by the plaintiff about the case and his Attorney.
The plaintiff is responsible to clarify the doubts about the case.
Submitting the original documents on demand.

After receiving the application form, we will follow some steps to provide advances to the plaintiff.

Underwriters verify the case details and review the documents submitted.
If we have queries, we will contact the Attorney and the plaintiff for clarification.
Discussing the case with the team members whether to accept the case or deny the case.
Issuing the Agreement if the case is accepted.
Funding the amount to the plaintiff either as cash or cheque.

After receiving the agreement, the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign in that which we will take as a sign of Acceptance. The Agreement contains all the details about the case, details of the Attorney, amount sanctioned with the interest rate. The interest rate would be very low when compared to other financial institutions. Contact us for your cash today !!!

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