Boise is the Capital and most populous city of Idaho, United States of America. If people dwelling there, have a lawsuit which can be either pending or ongoing, we offer loans for the lawsuits. It is actually an advance on the cash; you get from your personal injury settlement, in your current lawsuit. We will decide if you can get this loan or not based on the merits of the case and analyzing your current lawsuit.

Not like traditional loans

We will not ask for the plaintiff credit card or about his financial status of the plaintiff while providing the loan. This is the system followed in traditional loans. In traditional loans, a minimum cash amount must be maintained while applying for the loan. But here we will not ask for such formalities. We will not check whether the plaintiffs have previously settled lawsuits or pending lawsuits.

No need to pay if your case is lost

If the plaintiff’s Attorney does not win the case, then the plaintiff need not pay any amount to the lender or to the attorney. He has to pay only if the case wins. After the winning of the case, he can repay the amount with interest. The interest rates are calculated based on the duration of the case and the risks involved in the case. If there are more risks involved in the case, then the interest rate would be high. The rates are not higher when compared to traditional loans.

Keep the trial till the case is settled

The money can be used by the plaintiff till the case is settled. A plaintiff has to settle all the hospital bills, medical bills and other household expenses when the case process is going on. He can use the funds which we give for settling all the previous debts. There is no limit on the usage of money. The plaintiffs can use that for any purposes. And the lenders will not question about that.

The plaintiffs can make use of the online application as well or he can get the form directly from us. Before filling, the plaintiff must also know about the details of the Attorney who is going to handle this case. As soon as we receive the form, we will contact the plaintiff and the Attorney for discussing the details about the case. If everything is okay, we will approve the case after making an agreement and the plaintiff can get the money within hours.

There is no risk involved in this funding for the plaintiff. The plaintiff does not need to fear about settling the amount. Feel free to contact us for your cash today !!!

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