Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is one of the largest cities in the state of Michigan, United States of America. Pre settlement loan is available free for the people in that city and around that city. They are exactly what the name implies. They are cash advances for the lawsuits which are in a pending state. They are given to the plaintiffs before the settlement of the case so that they can use for the payment of bills at the hospital, court fee, Attorney fee and also other expenses. These loans are non- recourse in nature which means that the plaintiff’s case is lost; there is no need for the plaintiff to pay the money. It is given to the plaintiff having the lawsuits which is in the ongoing process and also for the lawsuits which are in a pending state.

A plaintiff is eligible for this loan if he has a pending lawsuit and he must be involved in any case like personal injury or even legal cases. It can also be applied for Medical malpractice cases, product liability, sexual harassment, auto accidents, slip, fall, property damage and also for fire accident cases. The privacy of the plaintiffs is considered important here. The lawsuits applied for personal injury cases take less time to settle than the lawsuits applied for commercial or legal cases.

The concept of this pre settlement loan is very simple and it is very easy to apply.

No personal guarantee is needed for this loan.
These loans are very much different from the normal traditional loans.
We do not go for credit check, financial status and salary details of the plaintiff.
No application fee involved.
Filling the application form is very simple and it will take less than ten minutes.
If the plaintiff does not win the case, he need not repay the money. That is, if the case is lost, the plaintiff owes us nothing.
You can settle all your pending debts with the help of this money.
No limitation on the usage of this fund.

How to apply

The plaintiffs can make use of the application form which is available online as well. Or he can also get directly from us. He can fill the form with the help of his Attorney. The details of the Attorney must also be included in the form. We will call the plaintiff for discussing about the case and also with the Attorney. If the reason is valid, we will approve the case as soon as possible. We will fax an Agreement to the Attorney’s office in which both the plaintiff and the Attorney should sign in that. After approval, the plaintiffs can get the money within hours.

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