Pre Settlement Loan is the type of loan which the plaintiff claims in a lawsuit which is yet to be settled. These loans are common in the California State, United States of America. The loans are claimed during the process of the case. He claims the loan due to the loss occurred by him because of the carelessness of the opposite party. The loss can be any injury, monetary or even happiness. Before applying for the loan, he must file the case in the civil court, with the help of an Attorney. These types of loans are normally different from the traditional loan. In a traditional loan, the loans must be repaid at any cause but here if the case is lost; there is no need to repay the money.

These loans are rightly called non-recourse loans. The plaintiff or the opponent need not pay any money in terms of monthly payments to the company or to the Attorney. We offer a very low interest rate. It is completely risk free for the plaintiff to settle the money. There is no eligibility criterion for getting this loan. The only requirements needed are that the plaintiff should have a lawsuit that must be worthy and it must be represented by an Attorney. The Attorney increases the value of the case. So he is needed for the case to win.

We do not ask for any details such as credit history of the plaintiff, income and financial status of the plaintiff which are mandatory in traditional loans. We consider only the reason of the lawsuit claimed and it must be valid and strong enough. We will discuss whether the case will win or lose. After discussing, loans will be arranged. We will issue the loan very quickly and easily. The people here use these loans for personal injury cases like dog bites, animal bites, accidents and also in wrongful deaths.

Apart from personal injury cases, it can also be applied for commercial and legal cases. It has more benefits when compared to other types of loans. Neither the plaintiff’s losses nor wins the case, we will help them by providing the money during their tough situation as many people find it very difficult to face the immediate financial needs. When a person is involved in the injury, the amount to be spent is cannot be determined and the amount is uncertain. Rather than handling the cases at his own risk, he can seek the help of the company.

Lawsuit Loan needs the help of an Attorney. When the case is represented by an Attorney, the value of the case is automatically increased and the chance of winning also increases. We give the money to the plaintiff and we take the risk on behalf of them. We will ask to provide the original documents like police reports, medical reports and bills paid by the plaintiff for verification of the case. As soon as we feel the case is worth, money is given to the plaintiff in a day or two.

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