Settlement Loan

Settlement Loan

A Settlement Loan is also known as Lawsuit loan or lawsuit cash advance which is nothing but a cash advance in the lawsuit claimed. For applying this loan, you need to know what is meant by these loans and for what types of cases these loans are applied for. Then, you have to think about your eligibility for the lawsuit loan. These things have to be considered before applying. A plaintiff cannot simply apply this loan. He has to undergo some facts and conditions before applying for this loan. Only plaintiffs having lawsuits are eligible for applying. The loans cannot be provided to the people who do not have lawsuits in the case.

These loans benefit the plaintiff since they have to be repaid only if the lawsuit claimed the case wins. The plaintiffs have no need to pay the money back if the lawsuit claimed the case does not win. There is no risk for the plaintiff to return the amount till the case is settled. We do not employ for your credit checks, employee verification and financial condition when you apply for the lawsuit. We consider only your case and the lawsuit claimed for that. It is the fastest way of obtaining the loan when needed.

You have to review your case details with an Attorney before applying for the loan. The Attorney knows what type of cases can get benefitted from our loans since he would have seen a number of cases like this. If the case wins, the plaintiff must be able to pay the whole amount with interest rates. Interest rates are very low depending upon the case applied and these rates are not much higher than that of the traditional interest rates. These types of cases can be applied for personal injuries including deaths and accidents and the plaintiff must have an injury lawsuit for this. He cannot claim civil or criminal lawsuits for personal injury cases. A plaintiff has to check before applying.

There will be a group of money lenders or investors who take the lawsuit and give the cash advance to the plaintiff. The plaintiff has the right of choosing the lender on his own. But, he has to discuss with the Attorney for safety purpose. An attorney knows all the details about the case and money lenders. The investors or the money lenders take all the risks on behalf of the plaintiff. They would not ask for what purpose the money is needed and how would the money be repaid to the plaintiff.

Approvals for the settlement loans are as same as that for the normal traditional loans. Based on the documents provided, our team will verify, discuss and cross check the details with the plaintiff and his Attorney. If all is well, we will approve the loans within a day or two and the loan is issued within hours. The Attorney has to be involved in the process for successful results. The plaintiffs can also discuss the case with his family members and with his Attorney to make use of this settlement loan.

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