An Overview of Lawsuit Loans

Understanding how a Lawsuit Loan works and feeling comfortable about the process can help the plaintiff in a lawsuit understand how this type of financing can be helpful. As soon as someone has engaged an attorney to represent him or her in a lawsuit or legal claim, that person can apply for a lawsuit advance online or by phone. The agency will evaluate the case and, if it looks promising, provide immediate pre-approval. Company will then contact the applicant’s attorney to request copies of the documents relating to the case.


All information provided to Lawsuit Agency is kept strictly confidential for the privacy of all litigation funding applicants. All hard-copy documents received by agency are digitized and the originals are shredded for further security. All digitized files on stored on secure servers to ensure that all client information is secure, confidential and safe.

Once Agency has the documents it needs, the client’s request for funding is evaluated immediately. When a lawsuit advance receives final approval, a claim investment agreement is sent to the client’s attorney because Agency assumes that the client will want his or her attorney to review the agreement. This step also makes it easier for the client to receive legal guidance about the agreement before he or she signs it. The client must sign the claim investment agreement, and the client’s attorney must “acknowledge” the agreement. This acknowledgement establishes Agency’s claim against a portion of the final recovery. Once the agreement is signed and acknowledged, Agency issues a check, and the check will be sent by mail or overnight delivery. In some instances, the funds can be wire transferred directly to the client’s bank account.

After the original advance is made, some clients return for a second or third advance. Lengthy cases can sometimes create the need for additional cash for the plaintiff who is still getting back on his or her feet. Clients in need of additional funding follow the same procedure, applying online or by telephone, and the applicant’s file is updated and the case re-evaluated for Presettlement Funding.

After months or years working its way through the courts, the case is finally settled. If the client loses his or her case, Agency ceases to be involved. The client keeps the advance and has no obligation to repay it. If the client wins the case or reaches an out-of-court settlement, the attorney repays the advance and the accumulated risk premium when he or she disburses the proceeds of the settlement.