Burn Injury Lawsuit Loans

A burn is a type of injury that can be caused by heat, electricity, thermal radiation, chemicals, light or friction. It is the most frightening, most painful and the life threatening injury. These injuries can cause a number of secondary injuries like shock, breathing trouble and respiratory impairment.

Types of burns

Three types of burns can occur.

First Degree burns
These burns are usually related to redness, a white plague and minor pain in the part of the injury. This injury is the normal one and it takes only a few days to heal. It normally destroys the outer layer of the skin i.e. The epidermis so the effect will not be very severe.

Second Degree Burn
A partial thickness burn is the second degree burn. They create a deep dermis layer in the part of the injury. These burns can take few weeks to get healed. Destruction of tissue will be deeper than the destruction in the tissues.

Third Degree Burn
The third degree burn is the most severe and it causes permanent damage in the deep layer of the skin and surrounding tissues. They destroy both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.

These burns can result in any one of the following

  • Minor damage
  • Long term injuries
  • Lifelong scar
  • Loss of any part in the body

If any child in your family or one of your family members get involved in these types of burns, you can approach us for the loss incurred. Before that, you have to hire a burn injury lawyer for the case. He can help to understand the long term costs associated with the injuries. If the case is represented by a lawyer, then it will be considered as the case is represented by an Attorney. The lawyer or the Attorney helps to increase the value of the case.
The plaintiff has to file the case in the civil court before he approaches Lawsuit Loans Presettlement Funding. The funds which we give can be used for

  • Payment of hospital and medical bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future medical costs related to that case
  • Emotional counseling

The plaintiffs can get the application form which is also available in the online. He can fill the form with the help of an Attorney as he will clear all the doubts while filling the form. As soon as we receive the form, we will contact the plaintiff and the Attorney for discussing about the case and also his lawyer. If the reason is found to be valid and true, we will issue the Agreement in which both the plaintiff and his lawyer should sign. Then the money will be transferred to the plaintiff’s account in hours. If a plaintiff is injured severely, then his friends or relatives can also apply on behalf of him.